In addition to Personal Training, I also offer life coaching. I work to empower you by helping you make, meet and exceed goals in both your personal and professional live.

We often think of our mind and body as separate but our mental and physical health are connected. I can help you with either CBT Therapy, Goal setting and how to achieve these goals and just general looking at how to improve every day life. For more information about about CBT Therapy and Life Coaching visit


Life Coaching helps you improve your performance and achieve your goals – as with the familiar concept of personal training. If there is something you would like to improve in your career or your daily life – coaching can help you work out the best way forward. 

Below are just some of the most common areas I can help with:
  • WORK

  • Career change – deciding what’s next

  • Career progression – reaching that next level

  • Challenging relationships at work – either with managers, your team or clients

  • Coping with stress in work

  • Achieving a healthy work-life balance

  • Improving your own performance

  • Self confidence

  • LIFE

  • Self confidence

  • Mental health support

  • Communication skills

  • Improving healthy behaviours – be your best self

  • Prepare for important events/meetings

  • Improve time management

  • Support in accountability

  • Support with family routines

  • Support with child anxieties and school attendance.

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