Body Composition – Is the scale an accurate measure?

23 February 2022

The Facts about Body Composition

Body Composition


Importance of Body Fat Percentage

Assessing health goes beyond just knowing our weight on a scale. It involves understanding our body composition, which refers to the proportions of fat, bone, and muscle in our bodies. Among these, body fat percentage holds significant interest as it provides valuable insights into our overall health.


Focus on Fat Loss, Not Just Weight

Rather than fixating on the number of pounds lost, it is crucial to prioritise fat loss and overall body composition. Merely losing weight may not necessarily translate to a healthier body if muscle mass is being compromised.


Dangers of Losing Muscle

Losing muscle mass can have detrimental effects on our bodies. It leads to a decrease in metabolism, mobility, and power therefore making us more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.


Unreliable Scales and the Importance of Results

Scales can often deceive, especially for individuals starting a new exercise routine. It is possible to witness positive changes such as inches lost or improved clothing fit without seeing a significant change in weight. These visible transformations should not be overlooked, as they indicate progress, even if the scale fails to reflect it.


Trusting Your Experience Over the Scale

Instead of blindly believing what the scale dictates, it is crucial to trust your own observations. If you notice positive changes such as fitting into smaller sizes or experiencing a slimming effect, it is a strong indication of losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass, regardless of what the scale suggests.


Redefining Success: Inches Lost and Slimming Down

Pay attention to other signs of progress, such as losing inches and fitting into smaller clothing sizes. These are clear indicators that you are on the right track, successfully building muscle and shedding fat. Emphasising these achievements is essential for achieving your desired results.



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