Body Composition – Is the scale an accurate measure?

23 February 2022

Body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone and muscle in our bodies. The body fat percentage is of the most interest because it can be very helpful in assessing health.

While the scale can tell you how much you weigh, it doesn’t tell you about your body composition.

While many of us focus on how much weight in lbs we are losing, what’s more important is how much fat we’re losing and our overall body composition.

Losing weight may make you happy but, what if you found out you were losing muscle, not fat?

Losing muscle will lower metabolism and can eventually, contribute to a loss of mobility and power and this can also make you more prone to injuries and illness.

The scales can lie, especially for new exercisers beginning a training program. It’s possible to lose inches without losing weight which means you’re getting results even if they aren’t showing up the way you’re used to seeing them.

This is something you may experience when you step on the scales and see that there’s no change. Maybe your clothes are fitting differently so you know something is happening, but the scale just isn’t showing this. If you’re experiencing this, ask yourself, Why do you believe the scale over your own experience? If you’re buying smaller clothes or they are fitting better, you’re losing body fat and building lean muscle mass, no matter what the scale says.

Too often, we believe what the scale is telling us rather than what’s in front of our own eyes.

Are you losing inches, fitting into smaller sizes and slimming down? If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign that you’re gaining muscle and losing fat, which is exactly what you want and need to aim for.

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