Weight Loss Journey

31 May 2022

Huge congratulations to this lovely lady on her weight loss journey. She has lost a total of 4 inches from her waist & hips over the past few months following a regular weekly schedule of Personal Training sessions with us at Tracey’s Hiit2Fit and by following our healthy balanced nutrition plan. Her fitness level and strength has improved immensely and her confidence is building. She is back in her favourite jeans and looking forward to buying new clothes. Keep up the fabulous work!

Our Personal Training sessions at Tracey’s Hiit2Fit are a combination of High Intensity Interval Training, Cardio, Resistance Training and Core conditioning work for that full body benefit. All sessions are personalised to you and your fitness level and no session is the same to help you stay motivated, committed and your body and mind challenged. All of our exercises can be regressed or progressed. If you have any injuries or health challenges we can work around this. All exercises can be changed and adapted to you. Our sessions will help with not only weight loss but will help you build lean muscle mass. We also offer healthy nutrition advice and diet plans.

Hard work and commitment really does get results. It’s all about a good balance and that calorie deficit to achieve that weight loss and help you achieve your goals. Check out the link for more info about nutrition and staying in that calorie deficit- https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/calorie-deficit

Book in now for a free consultation or for a PT session to get some amazing results with us – https://traceys-hiit2fit.com/book-personal-training-dunfermline/

Join our team of like minded people, working hard each and every week to be their best self and reach their personal, physical and nutritional goals. We have a vast variety of different ages and abilities within the team. All that is expected is that you are committed and enthusiastic to doing your very best and turn up for your regular sessions. The rest is up to us. What are you waiting for?!